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Creavill Consultant & Sociopreneur provides effective empowerment and training services to improve village human resources. The empowerment and training carried out include the following:

Village Financial Management

One of the training services provided by Creavill is village financial management. We know that the Indonesian government is currently focusing on village development, one of the strategies carried out by increasing village development funds which are directly managed by the village government. However, many villages said that the increase in village funds had not been followed by an increase in village government resources in managing the budget. The problems referred to include the preparation of village expenditure budget plans, preparation of budget use priorities, to technical village budget reporting. Creavill is here to help the village, together with the village to manage the village budget.

Training on Making and Application of Hydroponic Farming Systems, Verticulture, Organic Farming, etc.

Given that most of the villages are agricultural areas, Creavill provides training services for the manufacture and application of hydroponic farming systems, verticulture, organic farming, etc. This training service will support the development of a creative and futuristic village.

Training to Improve the Quality of Village Results

One of the problems why the UMKM products produced by villagers cannot compete in the market is the low quality or quality of the product. Therefore, Creavill is here to provide training services to improve the quality of village produce.

Village Branding Training

Increasing the quality of village products is not sufficient to strengthen village products to compete in the MSME market. One of the important things to note is the branding of products produced by villagers. Branding training is very much needed in the development of village products to support village development. In addition, Creavill also provides brand identity services for village products, such as logos, taglines, packaging, etc.

Healthy Processed Food Product Innovation Training

The issue of providing healthy food must be utilized properly by the village as an area capable of producing food. Therefore, Creavill is here to offer training services in innovating healthy and nutritious processed food products.

And empowerment and other training to increase village resources.