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Creavill Consultant & Sociopreneur provides research and planning consulting services for creative and futuristic village development. Research and planning carried out include the following:

Preparation of the Village Development Master Plan

The preparation of this village development master plan is a plan that can be carried out by both the relevant Dinas and by the village, with assistance from Creavill. The preparation of this master plan can take the form of analysis of village potentials and problems, preparation of village budget plans, preparation of village human resource development plans, to preparation of program matrices and indications of village development activities. The Creavill Creative Team has various experiences in preparing village development master plan documents.

Agro-tourism Master Plan Preparation

The arrangement of agro-tourism master plans is usually carried out by the related offices and villages. The preparation of this master plan is to provide policy direction regarding what to do in developing agro-tourism in accordance with the potential and problems of the village. This activity usually includes analyzing the potential and problems of a tourism village plan, analyzing the feasibility of both the economy and the environment, to making a matrix for the development plan of an agro-tourism area.

Agro-tourism Master Plan Preparation

The preparation of the agropolitan maspterplan document includes analysis of the condition of the area plan both potential and problem by using appropriate analytical methods, analysis of community perceptions and readiness for agropolitan development plans, analysis of superior commodities based on secondary data and real conditions in the community, to compiling program matrices and indications. program success. The preparation of this master plan document is usually carried out by the relevant local government and villages as agropolitan affected locations.

Village Level Food Security Analysis

Food is the fundamental thing in the development of a nation. Therefore, Creavill Consultant makes food a focus of consulting services in developing a village. One of the consulting services that Creavill Consultant can provide is the preparation of documents or maps of food insecurity at both the village level and household mapping. The preparation of the food insecurity map is based on three aspects of food security, namely aspects of food availability, aspects of food access and aspects of food absorption. Mapping of food security can be complemented with the presentation of a map of the Geographical Information System.

Village Business Feasibility Planning

Not only policy-related research consulting services, Creavill Consultant also provides research consulting services for village business development. Research services can be in the form of business feasibility analysis, business analysis which should be developed by BUMDes, to business branding development consulting services.